DC Cherry Blossoms

I was fortunate enough to get down to DC right in time for a) perfect weather b) cherry blossoms. Since they peaked on a weekend, we thought it was a good idea to get up early to “beat the crowds”. Obviously we were not early enough or it is simply not possible. All crowds aside, it was one of the more beautiful and peaceful spring openers I’ve enjoyed in a while.

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Winter 2015

Seeing how Pandora is here, thought I’d share a little from Juno.

1-26 Juno Winterstorm012

1-26 Juno Winterstorm032



Was lucky to have some time off for the holidays so I set out to explore an new territory in a familiar land: Minnewaska State Park. Gorgeous lake and falls. Our two travel companions were pretty burnt out towards the end._DSC3716_DSC3718_DSC3728_DSC3666-2

Little of Lately




2014 West Indies Labor Day Parade

It’s been so busy around here with weddings and personal life, I haven’t had much of a chance to update the ol blog! I recently went down with my film camera to the labor day parade here in my neighborhood around Eastern Parkway. This happens every year and I’ve always seen it while moving September 1 (typically in standstill traffic in my van) but this year I had already moved by the first so I was able to enjoy it! Lots of grilling, jerk chicken, anything served in a pineapple, and every country in the west indies being represented by it’s people. SO much energy and revelry.

10-1 Labor Day Parade 001 10-1 Labor Day Parade 002 10-1 Labor Day Parade 003 10-1 Labor Day Parade 004 10-1 Labor Day Parade 005 10-1 Labor Day Parade 006 10-1 Labor Day Parade 007 10-1 Labor Day Parade 008 10-1 Labor Day Parade 009


Upon arriving to Schipol airport for the second time, I felt immediately at ease and ready to explore an entirely different culture. The Dutch are all ridiculously happy and laid back, everyone  in a pleasant mood and healthy looking. We immediately found a pair of bikes to rent out and ride around, really the only way to get around as the Dutch love. Over the next few days we settled into our houseboat, visited a few museums including the Van Gogh and Anne Frank museums. Of course we went to the dutch brewery underneath the windmill on the east side of town, visited lots of cafes and restaurants and just wandered around. One night we had to go by the infamous red light district-certainly an interesting experience. I would love to go back and spend more time really diving into the culture here, truly beautiful and pleasant place to be with some amazing memories I won’t forget.

Amsterdam_001 Amsterdam_002 Amsterdam_003 Amsterdam_004 Amsterdam_005 Amsterdam_006 Amsterdam_007

Leaning Tower of Piza

Another good one from my trip to Italy-Piza! A staple for all to see and I was surprised to see all the rest of the buildings leaning as well. Truly magnificent architecture on the facade, however.



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