Vija & Alex's Roaring 20's Wedding

This one is special to me, guys. First off-if I were not a photographer I'd be a dancer. Before I left Austin to come to New York, I had the pleasure of meeting a group of ladies and gents who are truly unique, wonderful and talented-The Austin Samba School. We danced our hearts out for several years and I made friends I will have a lifetime, no matter the geographical boundaries. 

One of these such ladies, Vija, called me a few years later to photography her own wedding! Not only was it back in Austin (cue the nostalgia) but it was also centered around being a 1920's Speakeasy party at the ever amazing Caswell House!! Heck yes, sign me up! 

The pictures speak for themselves, but everything was carefully planned and picked out-from her bejeweled teal vintage dress, Alex's dashing pinstripe suit to the cocktails handcrafted by Becca Yannone (she is #7 on this list), paper flowers, vintage book cover programs, & mini St. Germain party favors! 

Photos by Kim Espinosa | Catering: Whole Foods | Venue: Caswell House, Austin, TX

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